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PMT – Your Preferred Facilitator

In our lives, at some point of time, we come across a situation where either we or our near and dear ones face serious ailment. Not everyone is much familiar with all complicated health issues and the best possible treatment for them. Therefore in the middle of all the physical, emotional and financial issues related to the illness and urgency of receiving the first class clinical treatment, an expert facilitator – PMT plays an essential role.

Why PMT ?

We all know that it is not easy for a foreign patient and his / her family to have accurate information regarding the medical techniques, best doctor and the hospital.

As doctors switch hospitals quite often and not all hospitals have similar infrastructure and latest equipments, it becomes more complex to get the best combination of excellent medical team and advance technology.

(i) PMT – Group of Experts

Our company has most efficient team comprising highly qualified and experienced doctors, IT professionals and superb support staff. The founders of PMT have been in the Healthcare Industry for the last 25 years.

Our in-house medical and non-medical professional team members are determined to guide and serve you the best. We decide on the best option of treatment available, relevant doctor and hospital for our valued client.

The company has huge network of all top-notch health professionals. Hence our team members receive up-to-date knowledge in medical fraternity and selection of hospital is done based on the following points -

  • most advanced development in various treatments

  • newest equipments available at different hospitals

  • changes made by the hospital or doctors in their team

  • success rate of a doctor in a particular surgery/transplant

  • costing of all kinds of treatments at different hospitals

(ii) Alliance with Superior Hospitals

Our partners are all the top level hospitals, hotels, travel companies and interpreters to provide our clients personalised world class services.

(iii) PMT – Various Options: Your Choice

Our main objective is to provide our international patients best medical services in India. To make your experience hassle free, we appoint our own experienced staff throughout your treatment in India. We offer two categories of our services given below. You may select any option.

(a) PMT Complete Service: You may opt for the assistance for all the arrangements which includes complete medical procedure, travel (Flight to and fro), local transport, accommodation, all meals etc. Only your personal expenses are extra and directly payable by you as you go.

(b) PMT Partial Service: Besides medical procedure, you may select different services as per your choice and requirement. Estimate of each service/facility would be provided separately.


(a) ONLINE CONSULTATION: We welcome all the users across the world on our website and blog to gain knowledge and also identify our services to benefit people in need.

If a patient or his/her family and friends decide on obtaining our services, we provide online MEDICAL CONSULTATION for just 50USD.

You may fill up our contact form to receive non-medical information related to travel, stay, rehabilitation package and other facilities etc. If you wish to receive online medical consultation at a very nominal price of 50USD, you may submit our clinical consultation form duly filled-in along with patient’s necessary medical reports / records to get an expert opinion from our in-house experienced doctors/surgeons.

(b) Prompt Service (No waiting period): Once you have submitted the forms and uploaded patient’s medical reports, all your queries will be answered in no time. Our dedicated team offer round the clock support.

In case of medical consultancy required, our doctor will contact you via your preferred way of communication at your suitable time such as phone call, e-mail and online chat. An interactive portal with easy to connect option is available for online chats and video conferencing between doctors and international patients.

(c) Cost-effective Package: Since our company has a long time association with the partner hospitals, treatment cost is very reasonable as we compare the budget with latest pricing at different hospitals. Our objective is to not only provide you the best medical care but also to save your money significantly.

(d) Personalized Package: We do understand that each one of our client has specific medical and non-medical requirements as it depends on many different aspects. Keeping our client’s comfort in mind, we provide customised package as per your particular choice or need.

This includes :

  • Rehabilitation-cum-Vacation Plan: India has diverse geographical landscape as well as many cultural / religious practices which makes it perfect rehabilitation/holiday destination. If the patient and his/her accompanied person/s wish to spend recovery time in India, we arrange the same with different options provided it is approved by the doctor/surgeon who is treating the patient.
  • Guest Relation Office (GRO): During the patient's stay in India, we appoint a dedicated GRO to each patient who will accompany to assist you as and when required. Our officer will be available for any query or assistance 24x7.

Packages for Corporate or Institutional Employees

In today’s time lifestyle has changed immensely and everyone trying hard to combat personal and professional stress which is leading towards many serious illness. Of late, all major corporate houses and institutions across the world have realised the need to address different health conditions of their employees.

On one hand employers are concerned about their increased budget with rising premium of staff health insurance to cover surgical procedures and hospitalisation expenses. At the same time, bad health condition of their employees holds back overall output of the company.

The solution from escaping huge hospital bills and enhancing productivity level is to opt for Institutional or corporate medical treatment abroad. This new concept is trending where corporations are coming up with employee healthcare benefits strategies that would save on corporate medical treatment costs.