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Medical Treatment Related Queries

Q. Can an urgent medical issue be addressed immediately?

Ans. Surely, patient’s well-being is our top priority and any emergency case can be addressed at the earliest with our emergency air evacuation system. For any further information / query regarding emergency evacuation system or air ambulance you can get in touch with us at  

Q. Can I (or my family member) understand & discuss my medical condition / treatment with the doctor in India through online chat?

Ans. Yes, once we have your current health details, we can arrange an online chat with our doctor. You can upload your reports and other documents on our website.

Q. Is it possible for our family doctor to communicate with the doctor in India?

Ans. Yes, same can be arranged either before commencement of treatment / during the treatment or post treatment.

Q. Can we have video consultation prior to my schedule trip in India?

Ans. We understand and respect your need to be fully sure of getting your medical procedure done in India. Once online booking is done, we will put you in touch with the corresponding physician in India via phone / video-conferencing.

Q. What if I just need a second opinion (Consultancy Only) from the doctor in India?

Ans. On your request, we can arrange for the second opinion from our partner specialist medical professionals. Please provide your contact and medical details.

Q. How do I share my reports and communicate my medical case with the clinic of my choice?

Ans. Our Contact Form has option to upload your lab reports / x-ray and prescription etc. You may kindly fill the form and provide your medical reports. Reports can be sent through e-mail attachments also. E-mail:

Q. How efficient is the consultation, appointment scheduling, diagnosis and treatment process?

Ans. Once you have registered with us and uploaded your documents, we will seek opinion from relevant doctor and advise you further course of action, based on the urgency of the treatment relevant support will be provided in obtaining visa / appointment / diagnosis.

Q. How much time will I have to wait for admission to a hospital and for procedure to get done?

Ans. Our company gives utmost priory to your health and convenience. Hence PMT will follow your pre-defined customized schedule. As you land in India our staff will meet you at the airport and provide you all assistance throughout your stay till you fly back to your home country.

Q. What If I require medical care from another specialist during my pre-scheduled treatment procedure?

Ans. Surely, your total health condition and overall recovery is our main concern and we will accommodate the same.

Q. How long I have to stay in the Hospital?

Ans. Your stay in the hospital will be as per the initial estimate provided unless and until advised by the doctor for any unforeseen medical issue / complication.

Q. What if my medical treatment and procedure prolonged?

Ans. Our highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and logistic staff members will ensure that there is never an occasion to prolong your stay. However, in case due to unpredicted circumstances, you are required to stay back for more days; we will further extend our full support and assistance to you for obtaining extension of visa and other logistical support.

Q. I would like to know about the confidentiality of my medical forms?

Ans. All your medical information / reports will be confidential. Your details will be with the concerned medical professionals only. Besides this, we will share your medical condition with authorized person/s accompanied by you.

Financial Queries for Medical Treatment in India

Q. In what way PMT can help me to manage my medical trip finances?

A. We will be happy to serve you throughout your journey. However, we provide two options:

1. PMT Complete Service: You may opt for Amlana assistance for all the arrangements which includes complete medical procedure, travel (Flight to and fro), local transport, accommodation, all meals etc. Only your personal expenses are extra and directly payable by you as you go.

2. PMT Partial Service: Besides medical procedure, you may select different services as per your choice and requirement. Estimate of each service / facility would be provided separately.

Q. How do I know about the estimate budget involved in my medical treatment?

A. It is very easy process to get an estimate. As you are exploring possibilities to get medical treatment in India, PMT can help you to understand and answer all your queries through Phone call/E-mail:

Once you decide to travel India for medical treatment, please fill Online PMT Registration Form to provide your personal and health details.

Doctor will analyse your medical condition, treatment required and give you consultancy (fee of 50 USD) to explain your health status and further medical procedure needed.

When you /your family member give consent for the medical procedure suggested, you can request to get a tentative estimate for it.

Q. Will there be any difference between the estimate budget and actual hospital bill?

A. While tentative estimate of all your medical expenses was given to you at the time of online registration, the final bill will be generated on the completion of your medical procedure by the relevant hospital authorities based on the actual cost.

Q. Who do I pay my hospital bill?

A. Final actual bill has to be paid to the hospital directly as per their rules. Similarly other service providers such as accommodation / travel companies will give you the actual bill and you need to pay them. Our company will not take any money from you.

Q. What are the acceptable modes of payment?

A. Our partner hospitals/companies accept all major payment methods

  • Online Internet Banking safe and secure payment process
  • Cash/International Master Card/ Visa Credit/Debit Card


Q. Do the hospitals in India accept health insurance?

Ans. Yes. Hospitals in India accept most internationally valid health insurance.

Q. I have health insurance from company in my home country. How can I avail it in India?

Ans. If you have international health insurance that is valid in India, then mention about it in the form OR inform us at the time of online registration. We would coordinate with the hospital and process accordingly.

Q. What about the language?

Ans. All hospital staff is well-versed in English which is an international language and widely understood across the world.

Q. What if I need an interpreter?

Ans. If you are not familiar with English language please inform us at the time of online registration and we will arrange some alternative (full time/Part-time) interpreter / translator.

Most of the hospitals also have full time translator available at the hospital in case any patient require their assistance. This service is free of costs.

Q I am carrying valuables and money with me. Where do I keep them safely?

Ans. One should always avoid carrying any valuables or extra money than what is required by the hospital and other purposes. However, most of the hospitals will provide safe custody for valuable and money through their security. Its always advisable to carry credit card or debit card and also transfer money required by hospital through wire transfer to the hospital account prior to taking flight. It normally takes 3 to 4 days for money to get reflected in hospital bank account so the transfer should be effected accordingly.

Q. What kind of food will be served in the hospital?

Ans. All meals of the patient will be advised by the hospital nutritionist / dietitian and would be provided by the hospital. However we will ensure that you are served planned diet compatible to your country food.