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Healthcare Services

Medical Analysis: Our team members consult and coordinate with its panel of super specialty hospitals/doctors and surgeons for an effective treatment analysis with patient’s complete medical history. We arrange online communication with the doctor / surgeon to answer your queries regarding treatment.

Medical Treatment: Medical services of our partner hospitals can be availed as per their individual institutional terms and conditions. We work as a coordinator and make it possible for our ‘clients’ to provide the best medical treatment in cost effective budget without any hassle.

Tentative Budget: After the initial pre-treatment consultations and evaluation of medical records, we or the treating hospital would provide an indicative price of the suggested medical procedure. This quote is provided for your estimate budget plan. Similarly if you select other services such as travel and accommodation through our company, we will give you approximate costing of the same.

Insurance: This medical quotation would not include any kind of insurance, additional medicinal expenses, procedures in case of unforeseen complications. It is advised to take medical as well as travel insurance before arriving into India for your medical treatment.

Payment procedure will be according to the rules of the treating hospital, travel company, hotel and/or any other services provided by our partners.

Risk: All kinds of medical procedures involve certain risks. Hence the patient or his accompanied person has to agree and sign hospital documents about anticipated outcome of the procedure to be undertaken.

Actual Bill: The rates quoted by us and/or by our partners initially are indicative only and may vary from the actual cost depending on the actual expenditure.

Once treatment is complete, hospital will give the final bill which may be different from the tentative budget provided earlier.

If at all, there is a difference between tentative and actual bill, this will be for the valid reasons given below:

  • final treatment given depending upon the actual condition of the patient and treatment required
  • overstay in ICU/ ward
  • additional medical expenses for the medications/procedures other than that it was estimated earlier

Please note that our company will not be held responsible for change in the final bill. However, we assure you that this kind of situation may occur rarely and will be based on the logical conditions.

Other Services

You can choose from wide range of other services like travel / tour, accommodation, interpreter provided by us during your visit to India and are welcome to ask for the further details, price, services etc.

Cost: In case of changes in the rates quoted by hotel and airlines, we can change the rates quoted according to the modifications done by hotels or airlines without any prior notice. All hotel bookings are based on usual check in and check-out time of the hotels until and unless indicated in the itinerary.

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