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Our Privacy Policy

A website privacy policy is a statement that discloses the way the website uses, discloses, and manages a user or a customer data.

We present this ‘Privacy Policy’ to declare very briefly our intention and policies with regard to our ‘website users’ and ‘our clients’. We value a person’s privacy by all means, thus we promise to protect the same.

As a matter of principle, it is our general policy not to make the personal information available to anyone other than our employees and partners.

Website Users

Visitors on a website are the ‘users’ who visit the site as many time as they wish to and stay there for as long as they want to but do not register by giving any personal information on that website.

We have designed our website in a manner that any user can visit it without revealing any personal information, unless the user chooses to do so.

Enhancing User Experience

Cookie – The cookie is a small text file that is automatically stored on user’s hard drive by the user’s browser while visiting any website. This helps a website to identify user’s unique IP address of a computer. These cookies are active only for a short duration and expire once a specific time limit is over or when the browser window is closed.

Our website may use session specific cookies to enhance the user experience as it help us track user’s navigation and enable us to modify our content as per your needs. Cookie technology is used to help users navigate efficiently by providing them quick access again. We do not track any Internet users' personal information through this process.

Remarks and Comments written by the user – If a user on our website provides any of his/her personal information and picture in comments/remarks and testimonial segment, it will be treated as public information. However we encourage our readers to be part of our website by involving themselves to share their experience about our website and services.

Personal Information

Personal information term is used where a person can be identified with his/her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.

Once you opt to provide us your personal information, we will use it strictly for our own office records and only to communicate with you.

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, we have put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to protect the information we collect online.

Our Client

‘Our client’ is the one who wish to receive best medical treatment in India through our company.

If an international user decides to opt for the services we provide in India, then initially he/she will register online and provide basic personal information (such as name, address, phone number, e-mail-id etc) asked in the contact form. In that case our website cookie will store registration data so that a user does not need to re-enter the information every time he/she visits a particular section on the website. This information is used to contact you for customer service and interact with you regarding your queries.

Patient’s Medical Records

After initial discussion with us, if our foreign client (patient & his/her accompanied person) decides to visit India for medical procedures, we make an online registration. We need the patient’s medical reports/documents which can be uploaded online or sent by an email. Further, we get them assessed by an expert doctor to decide on the treatment.

In such a case, we will have to share the patient’s personal and health details with the doctor / treating hospital. Since our partners are all big institutions (hospitals), they all follow socio-medical ethics to keep a patient’s details confidential. We assure you that all the information is protected both online and offline.

Other Main Areas of Our Policy

Besides our privacy policy regarding website user and our client’s personal and medical details mentioned above, please make note of the following extra points of our policy:


You agree to our indemnity policy and cannot hold responsible our website and/or its directors, officers, employees, agents and other partners for any loss, injury or damage to person/property, liability, claim or demand, including dispute arising out of your use of our services through our partners/associates.


In case of any conflict about any of the medical and non-medical services, all the concerned parties establish and agree that all judicial action must be carried out by our user or client and/or our partners only within the jurisdiction of the ‘State of Delhi’, India, and that action will not be extended towards, its managing company, it's directors and employees since our company is a platform which works as a facilitator to provide medical and non-medical services through its partners.


In case of any dispute, you agree that the dispute will be governed by the law of Government of India, you also agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and central courts of Delhi, India.

Payment Policy

Online consultation: We are pleased to declare that our company will provide online consultation at a very nominal fee of 50USD. You are most welcome to send your queries to get medical consultation from our expert health professionals. 

Tentative budget: After the initial pre-treatment consultations and evaluation of medical records, we or the treating hospital would provide an indicative price of the suggested medical procedure. This quote is provided for your estimate budget plan. Similarly if you select other services such as travel and accommodation through our company, we will give you approximate costing of the same.

No advance prior to your visit: As you choose to avail medical /non medical services, no advance money is demanded towards the services which will be availed only after reaching India. However if you book travel, accommodation or any other service through us, you may have to adhere as per the concerned company policy.

Actual bill: The rates quoted by us and/or by our partners initially are indicative only and may vary from the actual cost depending on the actual expenditure.

Once treatment is complete, hospital will give the final bill which may be different from the tentative budget provided earlier.

If at all, there is a difference between tentative and actual bill, this will be for the valid reasons given below:

  • final treatment given depending upon the actual condition of the patient and treatment required
  • overstay in ICU/ ward
  • additional medical expenses for the medications/procedures other than that it was estimated earlier.

Please note that our company will not be held responsible for change in the final bill. However, we assure you that this kind of situation may occur rarely and will be based on the logical conditions.

Payment procedure will be according to the rules of the treating hospital, travel company, hotel and/or any other services provided by our partners.

Cost of other services: In case of changes in the rates quoted by hotel and airlines, we can change the rates quoted according to the modifications done by hotels or airlines without any prior notice. All hotel bookings are based on usual check in and check-out time of the hotels until and unless indicated in the itinerary.

Insurance : The quotation presented would not include life or health insurance as well as travel insurance, international air fare, domestic air fare and India visa expenses etc.

We advise our clients to seek such insurance and other arrangements in their home country before commencing travel.

Disclaimer: We remind you that all kind of healthcare treatment (transplants, replacements, surgical) carry certain risks and therefore you and your family have to agree about the anticipated outcome of the procedure to be undertaken.

Policy Update

We review our ‘Privacy Policy’ regularly and may modify the existing points as often as per the requirement of our company. We request the user/client to check this page often for latest updates regarding our privacy policy.

Despite timely policy updates, we stand by our commitment to protect our user and client’s personal and medical information as mentioned above. This page was last updated in October, 2017.

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