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Company Services

Facilitator: We would like to state that our company is working as a coordinator to promote medical tourism and provide the best and easy solutions for the same. Hence we present finest treatment details and expert doctor/hospital information available in Delhi as per the best of the knowledge. Treatment options provided by us also depend upon the budget of the patient.

Medical Consultation: Once a person decides to opt for receiving medical treatment in India through us, medical consultation will be provided through online and/or offline communication. Medical treatment/procedures advised by our consulting doctor would be based on the information provided by you verbally and/or through patient’s medical records.

As it is necessary to physically examine the patient and refer the latest laboratory /x-ray or other relevant tests to finalise most excellent course of medical treatment, final decision will be made by the treating doctor/hospital.

Medical Treatment: Medical services of our partner hospitals can be availed as per their individual institutional terms and conditions. We work as a coordinator and make it possible for our ‘clients’ to provide the best medical treatment in cost effective budget without any hassle.

Sometimes, there may be chances that the treating doctor does not find the patient healthy to undergo surgery or any other strenuous procedure after final health check-up. In that case, planned treatment can be changed.

Partner hospitals: Our website / company  / its directors  / employees can’t be held responsible for any mishap / loss due to any act of negligence on the part of the Hospital / doctor.

Organ Transplants : In case of Organ Transplant, we would like to be very clear that we do not facilitate for arranging a donor. The donor has to be a blood relative of the patient and fit to donate an organ and also be willing to do so.

All the cases as per the papers submitted by the patient and his relatives are submitted to the Screening Committee by the hospital and the approval of the Committee is mandatory for the Transplant to take place.

Other Services

If the ‘user’ or ‘client’ chooses our Partial Service which consist of medical procedure primarily and many other different services such as travel, hotel booking etc as per the requirement. Estimate of each service/facility would be provided separately by the concerned company/hotel and you have to comply by their policies and rules.


Please note that our company will not be held responsible for change in the final bill. However, we assure you that this kind of situation may occur rarely and will be based on the logical conditions.

Payment procedure will be according to the rules of the treating hospital, travel company, hotel and/or any other services provided by our partners. Our company does not take any payment from its clients.

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