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It’s About You, Me and ‘Us’

When any human life experiences complicated medical issues, not only that person alone suffers physically, emotionally and financially but also his/her family members.

With advancement of medical science, treatment of almost all discovered diseases is possible now and hope is alive.

Once a patient and his/her family decide to go further with medical treatment, million dollar question arises. Where can I get the best doctor for my health problems? Will I get best treatment? How difficult it is going to be to travel so far? What about my companions who wish to travel along? Who will guide us transparently? Is it going to make a hole in our pocket?

The anxiety, uncertainty, worries overpowers everyone’s life surrounded by the patient. It becomes so difficult for the person who is struggling with health issues thinking about the family members and at the same time family also goes through different emotions while deciding how to provide best medical care to the patient.

Friends, in our lives, we all have faced similar circumstances, dilemma and what not. Human life is precious and so do our relations. We all long to be healthy to celebrate this life to the fullest with our dear ones and the same emotions run through the world.

Why Need a Facilitator?

The concept of medical tourism is getting very popular across the world with the objective to help those who are in need of healthcare treatments. India is on the top of the list and most preferred destination for all medical procedures.

Not everyone is much familiar with all complicated health issues and the best possible treatment for them. We understand that it is not so easy for anyone to decide to travel abroad for medical procedures due to many aspects involved such as no information available about doctors/hospitals, cost, travel, accommodation etc. A facilitator company provides all the necessary details and also arranges all the medical and non-medical facilities. Therefore there is a need of an expert facilitator and ‘we’ play an essential role.

About Us

Our company is based in New Delhi for past 7 years. We have very strong and reliable network of exclusive medical and non-medical partners across India. Our company works independently and does not endorse any particular hospital or any other company. Therefore our recommendation for a specific treatment is unbiased keeping patients’ overall well being in mind. Price comparison is fair as we strictly abide by our company’s rules and policies.

The Team

We are a group of professionals who work as facilitator to provide all the amenities to our international patients who visit India for medical treatment.

Our team members are highly qualified and experienced doctors, IT professionals and superb support staff. Moreover, we are compassionate about our work and make the entire process very simple and comfortable for the patient as well as accompanied persons.

Our Objective

Precise Medical Treatment: Our website is dedicated to spread awareness about various life threatening diseases and their treatments. We believe that sharing information regarding health issues their causes, prevention, treatment etc. can bring a positive change in people’s life by educating them to fight against different health conditions.

PMT: ‘Trouble-free, Trustworthy Compassionate Care: One Point Solutions for all your Medical Queries’ is our company’s mission statement which is self-explanatory.

Our main objective is to provide our international patients best medical services in India. To make your experience hassle free, we appoint our own experienced staff throughout your treatment in India. We offer two categories of our services given below. You may select any option.

(a) PMT Complete Service: You may opt for our assistance for all the arrangements, which includes complete medical procedure, travel (Flight to and fro), local transport, accommodation, all meals etc. Only your personal expenses are extra and directly payable by you as you go.

(b) PMT Partial Service: Besides medical procedure, you may select different services as per your choice and requirement. Estimate of each service/facility would be provided separately.

What We Do?

PMT has huge network of all top-notch health professionals. Hence, our team members receive up-to-date knowledge in medical fraternity. We select the hospital for the our international patient’s medical treatment which is based on the following points -

  • Most advanced development in various treatments
  • newest equipments available at different hospitals
  • changes made by the hospital or doctors in their team
  • Success rate of a doctor in a particular surgery/transplant
  • costing of all kinds of treatments at different hospitals