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Millions of people across the world suffer from various kidney diseases and organ failure at a later stage of the sickness. When kidney functions are completely lost, it is known as ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) or renal failure. Kidney disease can never be reversed. Its progression can only be slowed down. In addition to primary kidney ailment; a person will require medical treatment if his/her kidney has stopped working due to an injury, severe burns or biological defects. There are very few options to treat issues related to kidney based on the root cause of the disease and also overall working condition of kidney at the time of starting the treatment. People suffering with ESRD can live longer with the help of dialysis or kidney transplant.

Any disease that injures or scars the nephrons (tiny filters) can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD). Like most diseases, there are different types and stages of the kidney diseases. Later stage (number 5) of chronic kidney disease is called ‘End-Stage Kidney Disease’ (ESKD), and this medical condition is known as ‘kidney (renal) failure’ which means both kidneys no longer work. Sudden kidney failure happens when a person encounters rigorous physical injury or otherwise if body is poisoned. Although Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can be caused by primary disease of the kidney itself, mostly a few other illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, lupus becomes the major cause for damaging kidneys.

In recent times, End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) known as kidney failure has turned out to be a universal health concern. As this organ fails to function completely, initially ‘dialysis’ and subsequently ‘kidney transplant’ is the only option left for the patient. Therefore an early prevention and treatment is helpful for patients who are at risk to develop kidney diseases due to hereditary or other lifestyle reasons.  Most often it becomes difficult to differentiate particular grounds for kidney disease or failure but some of the primary reasons are mentioned here which may affect kidneys and make them sick.

We know there are various types of risk factors which can make kidneys sick, and stop its function completely. Kidney function loss can be slow or sudden depending upon the underlying core reason for the illness. On the basis of the primary reason responsible, we can broadly segregate the risk factors or causes for kidney disease/failure into three sections 1) Congenital Factors 2) Primary Factors, and 3) Secondary Factors. In this post, we will understand the hereditary causes which may be the grounds of many kidney diseases and End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure) in the later phase in a person’s life.

Often our body develop specific alarming signs and symptoms to alert us that a particular organ or part of the body is not working in a normal manner. However Kidney and bladder are somewhat exception to this fact as these organs lack in expressing prominent indicators while developing health issues or a disease until the medical condition reach to an advanced stage. This is why kidney disease is referred as ‘quiet disease’ because it doesn’t show any major symptom until approximately 80% of its functioning capacity is lost.