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Health Packages for Corporate or Institutional Employees

In today’s time lifestyle has changed immensely and everyone trying hard to combat personal and professional stress which is leading towards many serious illness.

Of late, all major corporate houses and institutions across the world have realised the need to address different health conditions of their employees. Employers sense responsibility towards their employees overall health and own it as they know, healthy and productive staff plays an important role in the company’s growth.

On one hand employers are concerned about their increased budget with rising premium of staff health insurance to cover surgical procedures and hospitalisation expenses. At the same time, bad health condition of their employees holds back overall output of the company.

The solution from escaping huge hospital bills and enhancing productivity level is to opt for Institutional or corporate medical treatment abroad. This new concept is trending where corporations are coming up with employee healthcare benefits strategies that would save on corporate medical treatment costs.

Additional Benefits with PMT

  1. Cost-effective Package: Since our company has a long time association with the partner hospitals, treatment cost is very reasonable as we compare the budget with latest pricing at different hospitals. Our objective is to not only provide you the best medical care but also to save your money significantly.
  1. Though we have pre-set health check-up categories for companies, we can always customise the services as well as budget as per the group need /strength.
  1. PMT can also arrange professional health workshop for staff to instigate general awareness.
  1. The group visit can be combined with short duration sight –seeing tours for team building.
  1. Annual contract for medical procedures/surgeries can ensure immediate hospital care without prior appointment, in case of emergency.