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Checklist for Medical Treatment : Prior to Visit

Q. When making a trip to India for a medical treatment, what are the essential documents I need to carry along?

Ans. Following are some important documents to carry along while visiting India for medical treatment. However we will give you a checklist to confirm papers to bring along prior to your travel.

  • All the documents required for medical visa and medical attendant visa
  • Health Insurance Papers and Contact Details of relevant authorities
  • Cash / Credit & Debit Cards
  • All health reports / contact details and prescriptions of consulting doctor / List of allergic medicines (if any)
Q. Do I require any pre check up before leaving my country.

Ans. Yes it is highly recommended to go through tests which are advisable by the doctor to certify the patient fitness to travel and ready for the medical treatment.

Q. I don’t have any medical records?

Ans. Unless you have any medical record /report, medical visa won’t be granted. Therefore, we suggest you to fill online form and mention your present health condition and symptom along with the past medical history, if any. We can also arrange online consultation with our doctor and guide you further.

Q. How can I share my medical records?

Ans. You may share your reports / medical records online OR e-mail us : with attached files mentioning your personal and contact details.

Q. My reports are in regional language (Swahili/ Arabic/ French). What do I do?

Ans. We suggest you to get the summary of your reports in English from your family doctor. In case that is not possible, we will try to get it translated at our place.

Checklist for Medical Treatment : During the Visit

Q. How will my appointments with the doctor in India be scheduled?

Ans. All appointments are pre-scheduled prior to your trip to India. We will provide all support to get that.

Q. Would there be pharmacies / medical store available in the Hospitals?

A Yes, all required facilities are available within hospital campus. Most of the hospitals have in-house pharmacy. However, hospital staff will help you for any further requirement.

Q. What are the various room categories available in the Hospital?

Ans. Usually different room categories as per international standards are available in all the hospitals. However we have to discuss and finalise the plan and as per the choice of treating hospital, room category can be decided.

Q. What are the communication services / facilities provided by the Hospital?

Ans. Many hospitals provide free wi-fi and also assist in procuring mobile SIM cards. However, PMT staff will provide required support for any other requirement.

Checklist for Medical Treatment: Post Treatment

Q. Will I receive a detailed report on the surgery ?

Ans. After the surgery, your doctor will provide you with a detailed medical record in English with information about the operation that was performed. Same will be explained to the patient and/or accompanied person/s by the team of treating doctors.

Q. What are the procedures involved in the process of discharge?

Ans. Discharge process is hassle-free and prompt. After medical treatment is complete and patient is fit to travel doctor will advice release and finally discharge paper will be given by the hospital after paying all dues.

Q. What kind of rehabilitation services are offered to patients?

Ans. Most of the hospitals provide detailed rehabilitation plan which can be taken up either in your own country after reaching back OR at Delhi/India. In case rehabilitation is opted in treating hospital or any other standard place in India, we will provide all possible help in arranging the same.

Q. Does hospital have any tie up in my country with any doctor or hospital?

Ans. Our company has tie-ups with many famous hospitals across world. If our contacts (hospital / doctor) available in your country, we will provide support, if required.