Precise Medical Treatment

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Personalised Healthcare Package

We value all our international patients and comprehend that each one of them have specific medical and non-medical requirements as it depends on many different aspects. Our company has large network of hospitals across India, and also tie ups with hotels, travel companies and interpreters to provide our clients personalised world class services.

We provide our services in the two broad categories as given below.

(a) PMT Complete Service: You may opt for the assistance for all the arrangements which includes complete medical procedure, travel (Flight to and fro), local transport, accommodation, all meals etc. Only your personal expenses are extra and directly payable by you as you go.

(b) PMT Partial Service: Besides medical procedure, you may select different services as per your choice and requirement. Estimate of each service/facility would be provided separately.

(c)  Guest Relation Officer (GRO): During the patient's stay in India, we appoint a dedicated GRO to each patient who will accompany to assist you as and when required. Our officer will be available for any query or assistance 24x7.

Added Advantage of Personalised Health Package

(d): Preventive Health Check-up of an individual OR group (family / friends): Gone are the days when hospital visits and health-checkups were restricted to only a time when people suffered from an ailment. In today’s time, everyone is aware of the health check-ups importance. There are two main reasons to undergo a proper full body health check-up at least once in a year.

  • Those who have personal or family history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart, cancer, kidney or any other life threatening diseases.

  • Those who do not have any personal or family history of any major sickness but their lifestyle is a major risk factor to any health problem such as smoking, alcohol or have a sedentary routine. Health Checkups should be considered at an early age as early detection is an important form of disease prevention.

(e) Rehabilitation-cum-Vacation Plan: India has diverse geographical landscape as well as many cultural / religious practices which makes it perfect rehabilitation/holiday destination. If the patient and his/her accompanied person/s wish to spend recovery time in India, we arrange the same with different options provided it is approved by the doctor/surgeon who is treating the patient.